Steps Agro deals in paddy seeds and maize seeds including vegetable seeds. Mostly the seed production is done through contract farmers selected and supervised very carefully by the expert production team. Moreover, it has own seed multiplication farm at Gazipur. Steps Agro has already established and R&D farm there to support and promote the efforts relating to development, selection and supply of highest Quality Seeds.

Seed industry is the most fundamental part of agriculture. The evolution of this industry towards high yielding variety and maintaining genetic diversity will play a critical role in ensuring sustainable increase in the agricultural output of Bangladesh. Keeping this challenge in mind, Steps Agro started the seed business in 2010. Our seeds have gained wide acceptance by farmers for their quality and yield. This has created a positive brand image and a foundation of trust on which we can expand the business.

Our plan is to grow this business through proper communication of agricultural practices and ensure appropriate use of hybrid seeds. We are focusing on more research and development of biotech products to ensure superior quality and quantity of agricultural outputs in the country.

The company has planned to set up its own Seed Processing and Testing Laboratories one at Gazipur, Dhaka and the other at Chatmohor, Pabna. All seeds of own production and imports are appropriately tested by specialist laboratory to ensure good quality. In Pabna the company has started set up a cereal seed processing plant which has all necessary technical facilities like cleaning and grading etc. along with the provision of a 500 tons capacity seed ware house.