Steps Agro has started journey with around 300 chicken & has started it poultry section with layer hens to produce eggs considering the protein needs. Aim is to produce broiler to fulfill demand of fat and tasty foods made with chicken.

The needs of the growing population highlight the need for planned breeding of poultry birds to cope with the higher demand. In this context, planned breeding of poultry that started from the 1980s is now a well-established field of activities in Bangladesh.

The poultry industry is not only meeting local needs very substantially; it has also found newer opportunities from value addition. Food industries have grown up based on chicken that produce soups, nuggets, sausages and other products in accordance with the changing preferences of the customers. Some of these local poultry-based and value-added products have found some export markets as well. The export trend looks otherwise encouraging.

Steps Agro is the best way to the largest poultry market of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is now an active participant of global Poultry network. Through this site our poultry entrepreneurs and technologists will get a chance to interact with national or international counterpart colleagues engaged in poultry related business, development, education and research. The technological development in housing, incubation, management and automation exhibits will help boost our industry to modern farming system.

Steps Agro will give a healthy get-together of buyers, sellers, investors, manufacturers, producers, policy makers and poultry consultants all under one roof.

The fact about Steps Agro:

Every buyers/sellers can promote their products such as Poultry meats, Table eggs, Breeds information, Feeds, Medicines and Mach. & Equip. etc. totally free of cost to the people of poultry sector of our country and to the world.

Anyone can find the list of all Bangladeshi poultry producer’s/manufacturer’s and their all products information on this site.

People can manage the valuable information and fulfill their business needs.

Viewers will get details information about Loans providing organization, N.G.O., Poultry Associations, Training centers and Consultancy service providers of every District and Upazilla wise.

The innovative Article/features from national/global journals are available in this site also.