Fattening cows means enhancing their size and weight. Cow fattening through high energy feed on the rise in Pabna. Over 230 cow-fattening projects are currently underway in Chatmohor, Pabna.

Steps Agro cattle farm do target to sell maximum cattle on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, the biggest season for livestock sales in the country, as they are fattening cows by using high-energy feed alternatives. Farms pursuing these projects have kept the cows under special care while adopting special nutrition programmes.

More than 200 cows were being fattened in the firm involving special diets designed for a quick growth. At first a cow is de-wormed using drugs, since worms resist growth. Then it is given vitamin supplements for a few days and then kept on a high-energy and high-protein diet to reach a target weight. Also, during the project period, a cow is given preventive medicines so that it does not fall prey to any diseases at all.

Steps Agro Meat Processing

Steps Agro Meat ensures safe, wholesome, Halal organic meat and meat products. It’s produce quality meat under strict Halal and hygienic condition in the project area. Steps Agro Meat always thinking about the consumer health as well as the beef producer benefits.

In the Bangladesh field level different types of fattening project are continuing by many firms. But all this project are not seen their success due to lack of cost effective technology, high price of concentrate, diseases, lack of experience to choose fatten cattle and lack of interest of farmer to cultivate grass. As a result Bangladesh has to rely on importing cattle & meat form abroad.

Steps Agro takes an initiative to produce Halal organic meat for its consumer. The initiative benefited both farmer as well as consumer. The farmer produce the meat in cost effective way and the consumer get the safe and wholesome meat.

Bangladesh is a highly populated country. The demand of meat is increasing day by day. So some people fatten their cattle with corticosteroid drugs, contra septic pill and other illegal way due to meet the increasing demand in short time. But use this drugs is hazardous for human health and animal it’s self also. So thinking about the consumer health Steps Agro Meat develops a Project in Chatmohor, Pabna.

Feed Preparation Activity

Feed prepared by the help of Pabna Meat officer Dr. Munna (DVM). Feed purchase from well known source.

Higher Official Activity

The project area is regularly visit by higher officials of Steps Agro Meat, Practical Action and BASA.

Veterinary Service

A full time veterinary doctor is appointment for this project. He take care the cattle daily. In case of health, feed and management problem he solves them immediately.

Growth performance of bulls is very good who follow the Steps Agro Meat feeding and management formula. Growth performances are follows-

Growth Activity of Cattle

Project first cycle are normally finish before Eid ul Azha. But the other project activities continue for next cycle.