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We help you assess your points, walk you through the skills assessment process and after all that, we help you achieve the right points to ensure that you will be accepted in the pool of applicants.
Our process is very simple. The first step is to go through an assessment whereby we assess your file via professionals in the field to ensure a perfect assessment of points score, and additional options for achieving the right score for the pool.
Download the brochure for all our steps, and if you are happy check out what it takes to be selected for Australia SkillsSelect Migration from Bangladesh.

Immigration Malaysia

My Second Home Program
The Malaysia My Second

Home Program

An applicant only needs send the following documents to begin the Malaysia My Second Home application process.

Documents required:

Passport. Photocopy of every page of the passport for each person.
4 passport-sized Photographs for each person
Proof of credible overseas savings of
Prove of monthly income of about RM 10,000 in the form of:
Retirement Pension or other Retirement Benefits.
Remuneration from a company.
Rental from property owned. Rental receipt and certified rental agreement.
Any other returns (consistent) from investments such as unit trust funds, stocks, bonds etc.
Marriage Certificate (if application with spouse)
Birth certificate (if application with children)
Curriculum Vitae of the main applicant.
A letter proving the good conduct of the applicant issued by the police in his country of origin.

Any other information or documents that can further substantiate or strengthen the application such as membership of professional bodies, welfare organisations etc. We will inform the applicant via email once the documents have been safely received by us.

CONDITIONS – The Malaysia My Second Home Program

The aim of these financial conditions are to ensure that the applicant and his family will have sufficient capabilities to live comfortably in Malaysia under the Malaysia My Second Home program.

1) AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION (Pre – Conditions)

An applicant must show the following financial capabilities:

To show proof of liquid assets of at least RM 350,000 in savings acc, current acc, fixed-deposits, time-deposits etc. and proof of monthly overseas income of at least RM 10,000 from any source. eg. salary from a company, rental from properties, interest from investments etc.


The applicant must fulfill the following conditions upon being approved for the MM2H Programme. ie. you will have to do the following after acquiring conditional approval, but before the Immigration Department puts the actual MM2H Visa onto your passport.

a) Financial Requirement

To place a Fixed Deposit of RM 150,000 with any bank incorporated in Malaysia. Can withdraw up to RM 50,000 after 1 year for the purpose of paying for properties, medical bills or children’s education
Exemption: Those that have a pension of above RM 10,000 per month from a pension scheme managed by your home govenrment can avoid placing the above Fixed Deposit (These proofs will have to be submitted at the time of application).

To place a Fixed Deposit of RM 300,000 with any bank incorporated in Malaysia. Can withdraw up to RM 150,000 after 1 year for the purpose of paying for properties, medical bills or children’s education.

b) Medical Checkup

The applicant must go through a compulsory medical check-up in a Malaysian clinic/hospital. The applicant must be minimally healthy i.e. without any contagious diseases. The medical report will be submitted to the Government.

c) Medical Insurance

The applicant must also possess or buy a medical insurance valid in Malaysia. A foreign medical insurance can be used for this purpose if the policy specifically mentions coverage in Malaysia.

calling +88 01760098188-89. For further information on the points system and the basic requirements for migrating to Malaysia & Know if you qualify for Malaysia please send your resume to